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Friday, August 4, 2017

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Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970)
Start Time: 9:30pm
Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970) (PG-13)
116 min. – Adventure | Romance | War
Director Budd Boetticher wrote the story upon which this comic Western was based. Clint Eastwood stars as Hogan, a tough cowboy who rescues a woman, Sara (Shirley Maclaine) as she's about to be attacked by a trio of rapists. Surprised to learn that his new traveling companion is a nun, Hogan agrees to escort her to a camp occupied by anti-French revolutionaries. It turns out that neither of this pair is what they claim to be: Hogan is to scout out a French military garrison for a future attack, while Sara is actually a prostitute masquerading as a nun. After Hogan spies Sara smoking cigars and drinking whiskey, he begins to figure out she's not a bride of Christ, and the two team up with the Juaristas to destroy the French fortifications. Author: Karl Williams
Clint Eastwood
Shirley MacLaine
Manolo Fábregas
Alberto Morín
Armando Silvestre
John Kelly
1 win & 1 nomination
Shirley MacLaine gets top billing in the film's credits. This was the last time Clint Eastwood received second billing (or anything less than first) until A Perfect World and the only time his leading lady was played by an A-list star until The Bridges of Madison County.
While Sara operates on Hogan's shoulder wound, he keeps drinking whiskey and mumbling disparate verses from a ballad about a cowboy named Jack Hall who was hanged for burglary in 1701. The lyrics were written in the 1850's by C.W. Ross, a comic minstrel, and are titled "Sam Hall". The last stanza of the song says (which Hogan doesn't sing) - "It's now in Heaven I dwell And it is a ruddy cell: / All the whores are down in Hell, Damn their eyes..." Hogan still believed Sara to be a nun, then.